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As a Lutheran Church, we are committed, without any hesitation or doubt, to the complete and absolute authority of the Bible.  We believe both the Old and New Testaments are the divinely inspired, and inerrant Word of God.  As such, they are  the only infallible source and standard for our faith, doctrine and life.

We believe the Bible points us to Jesus, the way, the truth and the life, and reveals for us God’s amazing act of grace and forgiveness in the actions of Jesus death and resurrection.

The Word is understood by us as both Law (that which condemns us as sinners) and Gospel (that which redeems us as children of God).  In living out this law/gospel proclamation, the Spirit guides our lives as God’s people.

We are a Bible focused church

We are a sacramental community. By that, we are intentional about our sacramental practices of Baptism and Holy Communion, or the Lord’s Supper (Eucharist).  Along with the Word (Scripture), as it is rightly proclaimed using both Law and Gospel, the sacraments of our church bring us into direct contact with the very presence of Christ within our community.


Baptism is that moment in our lives when we become one with the death and resurrection of Christ (Roms 6:3,4), when God, by His Spirit, makes us his children, co heirs with Christ (Roms 8:15-17), promised life for eternity in his loving presence. (Jn 3:5).  But baptism isn’t some miraculous event that forever ensures a place in heaven, it is an event we must return to daily, as we put of the old self and put on Christ. (Gal 3:27).  It is therefore an event that begins a life-long journey, undertaken within the church, the body of Christ, as we grow together in our discipleship under the grace and mercy of God.  At St Luke’s we regularly find ways to remember our baptism, and our people will often make the sign of the cross to remind themselves they are baptised into Christ Jesus.

Holy Communion:

The Lord’s Supper is celebrated almost every week.  It is a wonderful moment when we come together as a community around the table of the Lord, dining with the saints who have gone before us, and those yet to come, as one community confessing the simple truth that at this moment Christ is truly present among us.  We do not ascribe to philosophical reasoning, or that there is some physical transformation,  in faith we accept the mysterious truth that Christ physically comes to us, embracing us in his love, and reminding us that we are His forgiven and restored people.

Consequently, we do not practice an open table, or a closed one.  Our table is a close communion of those who accept that Jesus is physically present, who have a heart of faith seeking forgiveness and restoration that only the graceful touch of Christ can give.

At St Luke’s we use a common cup with wine, although individual cups are available, some of which have non-alcoholic wine.  We also have gluten free wafers for those who need them.

We are a sacramental community

We are a congregation within the

Lutheran Church of Australia,

and part of the

Lutheran Church of Australia, New South Wales District.  

For more information on what the LCA teaches and practices, feel free to check out our

Doctrinal & Theological Opinions

We are a mission focused community

We acknowledge that the true work of the Spirit is missional.  It is the Spirit who calls, gathers, enlightens, gifts, and empowers the individual, and draws that individual into a community where he enlightens, gifts, and empowers it to be a sending, missional church community.  The challenge for the church is to be in tune with where the Spirit is at work, and to ask how can we now partner with what He is doing in our communities.

We strive to be an open, welcoming community, finding ways to share the message of grace through Jesus Christ in a world that desperately needs to know the depth of the Father’s love. We are serious about sharing the Gospel with others, doing so relationally as the Spirit leads.  We’re not perfect, but we are forgiven, so we can try and fail, and try again to be better by the grace of God.

We are intent on the mission challenge of the Gospel.  We want to be people sent into the harvest field.  And we want to be instrumental in establishing new communities where the Gospel can be experienced.

Our focus on discipleship and the fruitful practices of being church are all designed to equip and empower us to be a missional community.  Discipleship breeds missionaries in the home, neighbourhood, and local community.  As we grow, we intend to assist in planting churches within our immediate region, and wherever the Spirit leads us.

We are a confessional church

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As baptised people of God, we are on a life long journey of faith development.  We call this discipleship. At St Luke’s we are concerned about six aspects of discipleship.

We are a about making disciples

As members of the Lutheran community, and within the Lutheran Church of Australia, we also acknowledge and accept that the Lutheran confessions, as found in the Book of Concord (1580), explain the Scriptures in a true and clear way.  All the foundation documents of our confessions are found here.  We include in the Book of Concord:

These confessional writings, are not just historical documents, but continue to guide, empower, and encourage us as a community.  The help to define us as Lutherans, and remind us of the pillars upon which the Lutheran Reformation stood: