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Our Vision:

We are intentional about being a Growing Church within the large, expanding and Growing City of Albury, New South Wales.

This means we are intentional about growth.  We want to grow individually and collectively as Disciples of Jesus Christ.  We want to grow our community so more people may come to know the joy of being a disciple of Jesus Christ.  We want to help other communities grow, so together more people come to know Jesus and the unconditional love the Father has for them.

Our Ministry

We strive to be a fruitful congregation where God has given us the opportunity to be His people.  Our ministry (in our congregation and the community) embraces five main areas:

Each area provides opportunities for discipleship growth, leadership and involvement in a wide range of activities and service.

The ministry of our church is overseen by Pastor and the Church Council which endeavours to involve all St. Luke's members as it recognises and utilises their God given gifts, talents and abilities.

Our Pastor

Our Pastor is called by us to be our shepherd and friend. His main responsibilities are to lead us in worship, to speak God's word to us, baptise and celebrate Holy Communion, to care for us in our spiritual needs, to teach us in faith and to equip us for ministry as caring Christians.


Worship is the heart and soul of our Christian life. Worship is not just our Sunday church services because our entire life is lived in praise of our God who created all we have and who gives us love and joy, even in suffering.

Our church services range from the traditional to the modern and aims to be relevant to our society today. Members of our church are encouraged to be involved in helping our Pastor lead our worship in ways such as playing music, reading the Bible, welcoming people and participating in drama. A special part of our worship is having Holy Communion, in which we believe that Christ's presence is actually with us in this meal.

We Are Lutheran Christians

We are Christians because we are followers of Christ. We believe that God made us his people through our baptism into Christ and that through him, we have life after death.

Christ teaches us how to love unconditionally and his Spirit gathers us together as a believing community in which all people are welcome.

We are Christians of the Lutheran tradition. Martin Luther was a 16th century reformer of the Church, who, we believe, taught the message of Christ very clearly.

Our Congregation

St. Luke's is a congregation of the Lutheran Church of Australia. Our congregation numbers more than 200 and we have members of all ages.

Our church building on Guinea Street was built in 1938. It was enlarged and given a modern front in 1967 and further renovations were made in 2002. Behind the church is a well-appointed hall. We have a residence next door to the church and next door to that, on the corner of Guinea and Macauley Streets, is St. Luke's House, a former residence, now refurbished, housing offices, and an accommodation area. St. Luke's also owns the property adjacent to St. Luke's House in Macauley Street.

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What we believe

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